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Mental wellbeing and the workplace: how SLH can help

Published: 05 March 2024  

Your wellbeing has always been our priority and we can help you access services to support your mental health, tackle loneliness, build resilience, and help manage stress, anxiety, and worry.   

A recent report by the Resolution Foundation found that young people are increasingly likely to suffer from poor mental health and this can affect their education, leading to lower-paid jobs and unemployment. 

Finding peer support 

Being open and honest about how you’re feeling can sometimes be the hardest step to take. This is why we set up a safe space at The Market Place Social. A place to chat, relax, create and connect. 

Part of our community shop, it’s a shared space where we host arts and crafts, our weekly Friday coffee morning and wellbeing workshops.  

Mental health can be an emotional rollercoaster and can surface feelings of depression and anxiety towards your working life. To help you understand this, we work with a variety of partners including our friends at Mind Connect.  

Based in The Market Place Social every Monday, Mind Connect CIC offers free wellbeing workshops. The sessions are a supportive and informal space to learn about different mental health topics, such as stress, anxiety or trauma, and new strategies to help.  

If you think you would benefit from getting involved, there are two sessions every Monday -

  • 10.30am - 11.30am 
  • 2.30pm - 3.30pm  

Most of us can tell when we’re already stressed out, but these sessions show how to identify stress before you hit that ‘boiling point’ – helping you to manage it better. 

Career advice 

Our employability hub, Reach, can help you access career advice and guidance in a safe environment. 

Whether you need additional support creating your CV, someone to talk to about how you’re feeling or your worries that may be holding you back, visit our employability hub in Speke Library.  

We’re here for you every weekday, between 9am and 4.30pm. 

Get in touch 

If you would like to take part or find out more about the wellbeing and career support we offer, email  

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