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Why volunteer at The Market Place?

The Market Place is a volunteer-run community shop in Speke which offers food and essential household goods to SLH tenants at a lower cost. The shop was set up by a small project team at South Liverpool Homes and is run solely by volunteers.

The project is about ‘more than just food’ - we also aim to make the shop a friendly, accessible venue where local people can find out about the range of services that SLH provides.

What will my role be at The Market Place?

Roles include:

  • Controlling and managing stock levels
  • Serving in the shop and helping with queries
  • Receiving deliveries and stocking shelves
  • Keeping up to date with special promotions and putting up displays


Get involved

The Market Place is open Tuesday 10am-1pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm, Thursday 2pm-4:30pm and Friday 10am-12pm. We also need volunteers to help collect stock for the shop outside of these hours. 

If you can give up some time to help please contact South Liverpool Homes on 0330 303 3000 or email


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